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Jubail is a city found in the Eastern province on the Saudi Arabia's Persian Gulf coast. It boasts of being the largest industrial city in the entire Middle East region. Jubail has the Middle East's largest petrochemical company which also ranks as the world's 4th largest. Jubail which evolved from being a fishing village back in 1975 is divided into two distinct parts, the smaller old town and the new industrial area which is very expansive. Jubail city boasts of being the largest civil engineering industrial project in the current world. The development of this city has attracted a lot of manpower and this sends a message of hope too many as it will employ a lot of people. Historically Saudi Arab has been dependent on recruitment agencies in India to fulfil these needs.

Jubail city puts itself in the world market with a great demand for manpower for supporting the expansion of its civil engineering project. Skilled manpower is the primary concern of the city. The skilled manpower will need support which will come from unskilled manpower that is readily available. With the uprising major industry, there are other industries that will equally come up and they will need manpower as well.

The education sector must be well equipped with personnel to deal with the huge influx of people who will be working in the petrochemical industry. Education sector manpower will be needed to support this sector. Likewise, hospitals which will be taking care of the health of the manpower to the industry will need personnel. Doctor, nurses and other support staff will be in very high demand to support the industrial upcoming of Jubail city.

Hospitality and Transportation are other industries which will require staff as the expansion of the city will call for a lot of international conferences that will foresee international minds coming together to strategize on the way forward. The social sector also will also need personnel as there will be need for services especially in the entertainment area. The population that will settle in Jubail will need to be taken care of and this will be the work of these personnel. Jubail city has a lot to offer in terms of employment.

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