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Jeddah is a city found in the region known as Tihamah which sits on the coast of the Red Sea. It is Saudi Arabia's western region major urban center, Makkah province's largest city. The city not only boasts of being the largest sea port on the Red Sea, but the largest city in Saudi Arabia second only to the capital city, Riyadh. A population of 3.2 million makes Jeddah an important commercial hub in the vast Saudi Arabia. We meet Jeddah's manpower demand with our dedicated Recruitment services for Saudi Arabia.

Jeddah is a city which focuses on the development on scientific and engineering capital investment not only in Saudi Arabia but the entire Middle East region. It is one of Saudi Arabia's primary resort cities, a fact that puts in the map of cities that will continue receiving tourists for a long time to come.

With the facts highlighted, the indication is that due to Jeddah being a port city the only implication is that there are a lot of maritime activities. The resort features of the city make it ideal as a tourist destination, indicating that the city needs a lot of development in the hospitality industry. This calls for construction manpower together with hospitality personnel. Engineering also invites a lot of manpower who will spearhead the engineering of the city into leading Saudi Arabia and the Middle East region at large. One of the most important aspects of Jeddah is the proximity that it has with the capitals of many of the countries in the Middle East and North African regions.

This in return makes it the leading commercial center of the Middle East region second only to Dubai. Jeddah ranks fourth within the whole Saudi Arabia when it comes to Industrial cities of the country. Riyadh, Jubail and Yanbu take the lead. This implies that a lot of manpower to support the industries is also in demand. With the diverse economic activities that are manifest within this city, the focus is therefore towards providing both skilled and unskilled workforce. Jeddah is the city that has a lot to offer in terms of employment.

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