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Production engineer’s job is to apply principles of engineering, manufacturing technology and management science to the production process in order to make it as efficient as possible. The profession overlaps significantly with industrial and manufacturing engineering


Their responsibilities vary based on the size and structure of the company. They can be in charge of all the products, one line in particular, or a step in the manufacturing process (e.g. assembly).

The work of production engineers is done before, during and after the manufacturing process per se. Upstream, they analyze the file sent by the Engineering and Design department, then participate in defining the objectives (cost, quality, timelines), methods and means (raw materials, human resources).

When manufacturing is under way, they monitor operations on a daily basis and supervise technical personnel, from the workers to the team leaders. In smaller companies, they may be required to manage maintenance tasks.

Downstream, production engineers are in charge of developing processes to measure and further workshop productivity (equipment performance, team efficiency).


Specific skills

Bachelor's degree in industrial engineering
Beginners can get hired, but two to three years' experience in a manufacturing environment is an asset
Familiarity with the company's technology and how its products work
Ability to manage teams and lead several projects at the same time, and to handle pressure and tight deadlines
Proficiency with CAD (computer-assisted design) tools
Bilingualism (French/English) for Quebec professionals

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