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Engineering specialities include chemical, civil and electrical engineering. A career as a pipeline engineer provides engineering students with another engineering career choice. These professionals assist with transferring natural resources and work with science and safety specialists. Pipeline engineers work irregular hours and find employment opportunities in oil companies and pipeline consulting firms.


Job Responsibilities
The successful applicant will provide technical support to one of the companies most technically and commercially complex offshore assets, with daily responsibilities including:

Defining, executing and enforcing the inspection scheme for the pipeline system
Undertaking all routine liaisons with statutory bodies, and other third parties in relation to the pipelines
Working closely with operations, project teams and discipline experts to develop optimum solutions to adequately resolve pipeline integrity issues
Work with government departments, statutory authorities and professional bodies to ensure legal regulations are met at all times
Adopt as integral to your role rapid sharing and incorporation of learning & best practices.
Supervising specialist contract staff such as offshore survey representatives, intelligent pigging specialists, diving supervisors etc.


Experience and Qualifications

A minimum of a relevant Bachelor degree (or equivalent) in an engineering discipline is required.
Experience in pipeline engineering and pipeline integrity management
Possess highly effective team building and communication skills
Exhibit a strong cross-discipline approach by which all parties are supported and driven to work together seamlessly to deliver optimal solutions.

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