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As Malaysia is predominantly an Agricultural country and agriculture sector adds most to its economic growth, the need of Farming experts is very significant. This will further help Malaysia with a better yield. The demand for recruitment of Marine Engineers and Construction Engineers for extracting and refining Petroleum Products is increasing as Petroleum products are the most exported products from the country. Marine Engineers are also required to Develop and maintain the Shipping routes of the country as Trading is mostly done via Ship routes in Malaysia. We provide great manpower to Malaysia, to help them grow fast.

Malaysia’s economy also depends on Tourism. In order to meet the steady growth rate in tourism industry, event promoters, event organisers, tour planners are required to promote tourism in Malaysia. Malaysia is still a developing country and needs proper management in order to get developed in near future. Financial Planners are required for better economic growth.

Water pollution in Malaysia is adversely affecting the Tourism Industry. The need for maintenance of water bodies is very important as Tourism Industry is contributing largely to the Economy. Environmentalists are required to overcome this serious cause. Malaysia is growing industrially at a fast pace and needs skilled Construction Engineers for proper designing and implementation of the construction plan.

ARGC Manpower Consultants provides quality manpower at affordable rates at short notices. We also help employer’s stage mass recruitment drives in India. If you have specific manpower requirements from particular country / region we gladly provide those services. Before you choose our services feel free to ask for sample CVs to ascertain the eligibility of our candidates. Contact us at now.


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