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ARGC Manpower Consultants offers staffing services for business of any size. We have manpower solution for small companies and corporate entities. We also have associate agencies in Erbil to cater to your requirements. So if you are looking to recruit workers/executives/managers/directors for your company please contact us with your job requirement and our Erbil recruiters will give you the right solution for your HR needs.

The capital of Kurdistan autonomous region – Erbil has developed rapidly as a hub for foreign investment. Though Erbil is one of the oldest cities on earth, the speed of industrial and economic development only peaked after the civil wars and fall of Baath regime in Iraq.

Oil and Gas, Construction, Governance are still the leading sectors that demand maximum manpower in Erbil. Apart from them those hospitality, education, medicine, textiles are booming industries in northern Iraq and they are mostly located in and around Erbil.

We have been recruiting workers and executives for Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arab and other Gulf and North African countries for over a decade now. We are happy to extend our operation to Erbil and have come up with special recruitment offers for employers based in Erbil, Mosul, Soran and other cities of Kurdistan.

ARGC Manpower Consultants is a trusted name in manpower recruitment industry. Our candidate selection process in strict and only those candidates are shortlisted which excel others with their knowledge, skills and experience. Our services are concerned with satisfaction of employers and candidates alike. For more information related to recruitment in Iraq,contact now.


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