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Dubai is one of the seven emirates (of UAE) located on the coastline of Persian Gulf. Being located on the coast line, Dubai attracts a number of traders from different parts of the world. The economy of Dubai is largely dependent on its oil industry. The federal government and employers in Dubai are hiring skilled man force in order to maintain its ‘Global city’ tag. ARGC Manpower Consultants is the leading manpower recruitment agency serving Dubai with its exclusive recruitment services. Our services are safe and secure and considered to accomplish the needs of employers and candidates alike. For more information related to recruitment in Dubai, contact

Dubai has emerged out as a cosmopolitan city in recent time and features many prominent trade centres like BurjKhalifa. The construction of world’s tallest building ‘BurjKhalifa’ required both skilled and unskilled labours. City is flooded with tourists and businessmen throughout the year and to manage them efficiently skilled labours are being recruited from local and native regions. ARGC Manpower Consultants is currently recruiting skilled, hardworking and reliable candidates in various industries of Dubai including Oil & Gas, Construction, automobile, aviation, agriculture, oil refining and many more. Construction work in Dubai is never-ending progress with many skyscrapers and high rise building projects being approved every day. These construction projects demand highly skilled construction engineers, marine engineers among others.

ARGC Manpower Consultants is serving Dubai with hardworking and dedicated candidates in various industries. Our shortlisted candidates are highly qualified and experienced. The recruitment procedures are strict and only those candidates are shortlisted which excel others with their knowledge, skills and experience. For more information related to recruitment in Dubai, contact now.

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