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Libya has one of the highest nominal per capita GDP in Africa. It also has the highest human development Index amongst the African countries. These factors have significantly aided the growth of service industries which in turn has led to demand for service personals in these industries. Post-civil war the economy of Libya is stabilizing and today its infrastructure and construction industries are at their peaks. There is a large demand for construction workers, contractors and engineers. There is also a shortage of qualified managers, CEO and directors for other subsidiary industries like electricity, accounting/finance, telecommunication etc.

With the new government undertaking several projects to develop the infrastructure and economy, there is also a large range of opportunities in various other fields like highway construction, telecommunication, and transport & port industries.

With over a decade of experience in the Gulf and East Asia, our company is one of the best in finding the best fit for any position. Be it the top level position or bulk manpower, we provide complete manpower solutions for any business. We have a dedicated methodology for providing the best candidates for jobs with any skill requirements. We have a large database of professionals looking for jobs and we can provide suitable candidates no matter how tricky the job is. Our team of experienced professionals emphasize upon knowing the exact requirements and expectations of our clients. Once we truly understand that, rest of the job is just a piece of cake. You can leave the manpower woes to us and be assured that we will find the right candidate for you.

ARGC Manpower Consultants is a trusted name in manpower recruitment industry. Our candidate selection process in strict and only those candidates are shortlisted which excel others with their knowledge, skills and experience. Our services are concerned with satisfaction of employers and candidates alike. For more information related to recruitment in Libya, contact now.


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