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ARGC Manpower Consultants sees itself very well placed and prepared in recruitment expertise and experience, and perfectly placed geographically. These factors come together to make us the premier recruitment agency to partner with you.

We are strategically very well equipped and keen to partner with recruitment agencies overseas. We have been highly commended more than once, for planning and successfully completing recruitment alliances with local agencies abroad.

Recruitment agents and workforce supply companies have often tied up with us for their manpower needs from India.

This enables them to maintain their local responsibilities while simultaneously identifying and recruiting talent from India without any diversion of their resources.

ARGC Manpower Consultants will be glad to cover every aspect of your need for personnel from India, to make you and your people well equipped to handle the talent requirement locally.

We have been known and applauded for our partnership success stories, and it is time you too take advantage of our expertise. You can trust us to provide you perfectly customized and complete recruitment solutions, at less than half of what your local companies would pay you for supplying the personnel; total and effective recruitment solutions - hassle-free at half the fee.

ARGC Manpower Consultants is keen to partner with your organization to equip it with the caliber of manpower that would not just support, but also enhance its productivity. We are willing to enter into a strategic alliance or partnership with your company, to recruit suitable personnel, regardless of the employment duration that may be targeted.

We maintain our infrastructure and manpower database to work around your preferred form of contract or employment duration and offer the highest standards of talent and skills; for temporary or project based staffing, temp-to-hire (probationary staffing) as well as permanent employees. We understand that not all the industries we cater to, have definite employment durations to commit. We also realize that although the period of employment could vary, there can be no chances taken with when the projects, and hence the employment, is to begin. Therefore, we’re accordingly prepared for quick response and timely recruitment while still maintaining our benchmark standards.

Our expertise, experience and equipment give us the edge over every other recruitment agency; making us the most multifaceted and versatile, to devise staffing solutions exclusively customized per your needs and preferences. We have been recognized of delivering world-class manpower to our clients, irrespective of how the relationship is literally termed; association, alliance, partnership or contract. We are open to adjusting our conventional tie-up patterns in accordance with yours, and welcome every form of business alliance.

Recruitment agencies worldwide are invited to contact us at so we can detail how partnering with us could benefit your recruitment assignments.

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