Benefits of working in Saudi Arabia

Job Opportunities: Saudi Arabia needs Petroleum engineers, Chemical engineers, Civil engineers, Healthcare professionals, Doctors, Nurses, Dentists, Pharmacists, Software engineers, Hospitality staff, Drilling supervisors, Geologists, Pipeline engineers, Petro physicists, Reservoir engineers, Oil & Gas engineers, Electrical engineers, Accountants etc. These jobs provide good salaries and great benefits.

Region: Saudi Arabia occupies 80% of the Arabian peninsula. Saudi Arabia is one of the largest countries in the Middle East and holds one-fifth of the world's oil reserves. It is the largest oil producer and exporter of petroleum liquids in the world.

Benefits of working in Saudi Arabia: Free health care. All family members are allowed full access to services for free. The hospitals are equipped with the latest technology. The staff is highly qualified and meets western standards.

Tax free salary. You get your full pay. No deductions.

Free Accommodation. Furnished housing, including an equipped kitchen with utensils. Washer & Dryer.

Education for children & family members.

Free Travel to your home country.

Oil and petroleum products account for more than 76% of the Saudi Arabia's income. The country has many beautiful cities and each city has a thriving lifestyle. Shops, restaurants and ancient markets are in abundance.

Though the lifestyle here is generally quieter that other Middle East countries. Climate and cultural conditions vary from one city to the next. Please read more about individual cities below.

Dhahran: The climate and beaches are good. Aramco offers very pleasant living conditions.

Riyadh: The climate is hot in the summer.

Jeddah: The climate is hot, but the heat is tolerable. Good climate, and excellent beaches. It has a cosmopolitan ambience with fewer restrictions than elsewhere.


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